Polyurea Coatings: Durable, long lasting protection

Maybe you’re looking for added protection for your assets, and you’ve come across something called polyurea. You might be wondering if it would work for your application. But what exactly is it?

First of all, polyurea coating technology combines remarkable protection with a vast range of uses. However, as with any coating system, there are steps to follow for success. Proper surface preparation, correct application equipment, and the use of compatible primers are required. Once these conditions are met, it outperforms other options. And in many cases, it is the most durable, longest lasting option available, as well.


  • Multiple markets around the globe successfully use polyurea.
  • It is more durable than paint. Additionally, it lasts longer between maintenance cycles.
  • Polyurea is the best choice when it comes to cost/performance payback and operation.

Benefits of Polyurea

If you were making a list of the best protective coatings available, at or near the top of the list would be polyurea. As coating technologies go, it’s a relative newcomer — just over 30 years since initial development. However, in that time it has proven itself to be one of the most capable options on the market. It is a two-part system, made from by-products of the petroleum industry. Those two components combine to form a completely inert, extremely durable membrane. Polyurea is environmentally friendly, and contains no VOCs, making it one of the greenest coating systems that exist.

Caribbean Coatings uses only the highest quality polyurea coatings for their projects, sourced directly from industry leading manufacturers. Our contractors determine the correct system for every application. If you have a difficult set of conditions on your job, let us help you find the right solution.


Tropical conditions make installation of traditional coating systems difficult. High daytime temperatures, excessive humidity, and frequent rainfall cause delays in even the best laid construction plans. These conditions make polyurea an excellent choice. It cures nearly instantly, typically in less than 20 seconds. Additionally, it sprays in high build thickness in a single pass. Often, assets return to service in less than one hour. Try that with an epoxy coating!

To read more about the solutions we offer, visit our sister website: polyureasystems.com.